Litigation & Other


Other Litigation

Our focus is on maritime and corporate litigation.  However, we do other business litigation that does not quite fall into those categories.

Defense against the enforcement of a foreign arbitration award against a Marshall Islands corporation

Protective action to preserve Marshall Islands assets of a foreign insolvent bank

Commercial litigation between non-resident Marshall Islands companies



Court Record checks on Marshall Islands corporations

As our office is a five minute walk from the Courthouse, it easy for us to request and receive from the Clerk of Courts an official search of the court records for any litigation pending in the Marshall Islands against a corporation, other business entity, or individual.  The search can be certificated and supplied with an Apostille for use outside the Marshall Islands

Service of Process on Marshall Islands corporations

We are not in the process serving business.  However, we know how difficult it can be to serve documents in a foreign country and we frequently assist international counsel in serving documents in the Marshall Islands.  For foreign lawyers only, we will effect service on Marshall Islands corporations for a fee.

The Trust Company of the Marshall Islands, Inc. (“TCMI”) is, by law, the mandatory registered agent for all non-resident corporations and other business entities.  To serve a non-resident entity, TCMI must be served.  They are located out of town approximately twenty miles (32km) from downtown Majuro.  Service involves 1) verifying the active status of the entity, 2) contacting TCMI to ensure they are ready to receive process without delay, 3) sending a policeman or authorized process server to TCMI with the documents to be served, 4) receiving back either TCMI’s receipt or an affidavit of service, 5) dealing with any particular document requirements of the foreign jurisdiction, and 6) transmitting proof of service by email with the original following by mail or courier.

In the event an entity has been dissolved and is in the three year winding-up period, the Attorney General must be served instead of TCMI.